Agribusiness & Applied Economics Farm Research Articles

(The Winter 1994 issue of North Dakota Farm Research was the last issue in this series.)

1994 Winter

"Is NAFTA Good or Bad?" Won W. Koo

NDSU Extension Service Youth Entrepreneurship Training "Be Your Own Boss" Program, Goreham, Gary A., George A. Youngs, Jr., Richard R. Rathge

"The Role of Agriculture in the North Dakota Economy," Leistritz, F. L., Randal C. Coon

"Successful American Indian Entrepreneurship on Reservations in North Dakota and South Dakota," Goreham, Gary, Richard Rathge, Donna Hess

"U.S. Exports of Value-added Wheat Products: Recent Trends and Contributing Factors," Krause, Joyce Hall, William W. Wilson, Frank J. Dooley

1994 Summer

"Border Disputes in North American Barley Trade: Impacts of Major Agricultural Policies," Johnson, D. Demcey, William W. Wilson

"Global Market Segments for Value-Added Agricultural Products," Krause, Joyce Hall, William W. Wilson, Frank J. Dooley

"The Potential for Exporting North Dakota Beef to Asian Pacific Markets," Stearns, Larry D., Timothy A. Petry, Martin J. Marchello

"Russian Grain Trading and Marketing: Evolution and Struggles," Wilson, William W., Alexander Belozertsev

1993 Summer

"Cost Reductions for Solid Waste Disposal in North Dakota Using Regional Landfills," Bangsund, Dean A., Frank J. Dooley, F. Larry Leistritz, William R. Fischer

"Credit as an Impediment to International Trade in North Dakota," Baltezore, James F., Cole R. Gustafson, F. Larry Leistritz

"Economics of Regulating Wheat Cleanliness," Wilson, William W., Daniel Scherping, D. Demcey Johnson, David Cobia

"Estimating the Demand for Sunflower Meal in the Northern Plains," Voorhees, Jean C., David W. Cobia

"North Dakota Manufacturers: Attributes and Technical Assistance Needs," Leistritz, F. Larry, Janet K. Wanzek

1992-93 Winter

"The Hunt for Economic Development," Leitch, Jay A., James F. Baltezore

1992 Summer

"Economic Impact of Leafy Spurge on North Dakota Wildland," Wallace, Nancy M., Jay A. Leitch, F. Larry Leistritz

1992 Jan-Feb

"Broiler Production in North America Under Alternative Free Trade Scenarios," Golz. Joel T., Won W. Koo

"The Livestock Option for North Dakota Farmers," Duncan, Marvin, Vernon Anderson, Timothy Falher, Clayton Haugse, Harlan Hughes, Douglas Landblom, Richard Taylor

"U.S. Durum and Semolina Exports Under Alternative Trade Policies," Koo, Won W., Joel T. Golz, S. R. Yang

1991 Nov-Dec

"Agribusiness Firms: Location Determinants and Economic Contribution," Leistritz, F. Larry

"Internationalization of NDSU Agriculture," Duncan, Marvin, William C. Nelson, William W. Wilson

"The Uruguay Round of the GATT Negotiations on Agriculture," Koo, Won W.

1991 Sep-Oct

"Economic Impacts of Removal of Registration for Parathion on Sunflower," Dahl, Bruce L., Randall S. Sell, David L. Watt, Rhonda L. Conlon

1991 Jul-Aug

"Farmland Values - Then and Now," Johnson, Jerome E.

"Red Food Colorant Extract Derived From Purple-Hulled Sunflower," Wiesenborn, Dennis, Joel Golz, James Hanzel, Del Helgeson, Navam Hettiarachchy, Edna Holm, James Lindley

1991 May-Jun

"United States and Canadian Free Trade Agreement: Economic Implications," Koo, Won W., Joel T. Golz

1991 Mar-Apr

"North Dakota's Agricultural Mediation Service," Baltezore, James F., Cole R. Gustafson, F. Larry Leistritz

1991 Jan-Feb

"Building the Economic Base: A Survey of New and Expanding Firms," Leistritz, F. Larry, Brenda L. Ekstrom

"North Dakota Farmland Values in 1990," Johnson, Jerome E.

"Cash Rents Continue Adjusting," Johnson, Jerome E.

1990 Nov-Dec

"What Makes a Successful Rural Community Development Corporation?" Rathge, Richard W., Dena M. Nundahl, Gary A. Goreham

"Competitiveness of U.S. Agricultural Products in the World Market," Koo, Won W.

1990 Sep-Oct

"Revitalizing the Retail Trade Sector in Rural Communities: Experiences of 13 North Dakota Towns," Leistritz, F. Larry, Timothy L. Mortensen, Holly E. Bastow-Shoop, Brenda L. Ekstrom

"Costs of County Government Services in North Dakota," Dorow, Norbert A., Jay A. Leitch, Dean A. Bangsund

"Profitability of Livestock Diversification," Sell, Randal S., David L. Watt

1990 Jul-Aug

"An Overview of North Dakota's Population Since Statehood," Goreham, Gary A., Rita R. Hamm, F. Larry Leistritz

1990 May-June

"Beginning Farmers in North Dakota," Leistritz, F. Larry, Brenda L. Ekstrom, Janet Wanzek, Timothy L. Mortensen

"Economic Impact of Leafy Spurge in North Dakota," Thompson, Flint, Jay A. Leitch, F. Larry Leistritz

"Leafy Spurge Patch Expansion," Stroh, Rod K., Jay A. Leitch, Dean A. Bangsund

1990 Mar-Apr

"Whole-Farm Risks of Producing Sugarbeets in the Red River Valley," Gustafson, Cole R.

"Stress and Self-Esteem Among Urban and Rural Adolescents in North Dakota," Youngs, George A., Jr., Richard W. Rathge, Ronald L. Mullis, Ann K. Mullis

1990 Jan-Feb

"North Dakota Farmland Values in 1989," Johnson, Jerome E.

"Cash Rents Changed Little in 1989," Johnson, Jerome E.

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