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Animal Educators



The Veterinary Technology program is proud to help shelter animals begin their journey to a new loving home while providing a hands on learning experience for our students. Our program works solely with the dogs and cats from the rescue organizations listed below so that each learning experience provides variety and real life experience to our students while medically preparing each animal for a healthy lifestyle. Rescue organizations we work with: 

CATS Cradle Shelter in Fargo

4 Luv of Dog Rescue in Fargo 

Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue in Rolla, ND 


In addition to the animals that live in Robinson Hall the program utilizes the many animals belonging to the Department of Animal Sciences. Beef and dairy cattle, sheep, horses and swine are all integrated into the course work in the program.

The herdsmen from each unit often call for help with various procedures. This could mean drawing blood for Johne's disease, castrating and dehorning, helping to lamb flocks of sheep or treating animals that are sick after the campus veterinarian has prescribed medication or treatments.

As part of the NDSU Animal Sciences Department, the Veterinary Technology Program is granted access to hands on learning experiences involving all the large animal species housed on our campus. Our core curriculum requires animal handling and medical care skills for a variety of critters, including large animals, so having these resources allows our instructors to not only teach you about large animal techniques, but also allows you to perform many of the techniques during your time within our program. There are animals to work with in these units:

  • Animal Nutrition & Physiology Center
  • Beef Cattle Research Complex
  • Beef Unit
  • Dairy Unit
  • Equine Center
  • Sheep Unit
  • Swine Unit