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Submit Samples



1. Preparation

  • Pick both affected and unaffected tissue
  • Preferably, get the margin between the two
  • If plants are small, get some healthy, some declining, and some severely affected
    • It helps to see what the plant is supposed to look like
    • Send entire plant(s) whenever feasible

2. Packing

  • Wrap foliage in DRY paper towels
  • Wrap the roots in wet paper towels
    • Removing soil from roots can save you money on shipping and may improve sample quality
  • Put in sealed plastic bag
  • Sample submission forms are available online Plant Diagnostic Lab Form Fillable 
  1. Fill out basic information
  2. Write story or explain concerns on reverse side
  3. Don’t worry about filling out every section of the form
  4. Please do not put the form in the bag with the sample.

3. Shipping

1. A walk-in location

  • 203 Waldron Hall
  • NDSU Campus on Bolley Drive

2. A USPS mailing address that delivers to campus distribution

  • NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab
  • NDSU Dept 7660
  • PO Box 7160
  • Fargo ND 58108-6050

3. A Shipping address that delivers to the Plant Pathology Departmental Office (Fedex/UPS/physical delivery)

  • NDSU Plant Diagnostic Lab
  • 1402 Albrecht Blvd
  • Walster Hall 306
  • Fargo ND 58102


What to expect

  • Unbiased, professional results
  • Formal report
  • Final diagnoses entered into national database (NPDN National Repository)
  • Turn around varies         
    1. Easy/common samples during slow periods will be > 1 week, or even same day!
    2. Difficult samples during peak times may take up to 2 weeks; turnaround greatly increased by:      
      • Culturing slow growing organisms
      • Abiotic disorders which resemble disease – it takes time to eliminate the likelihood of a disease
      • Unusual samples; we will try to schedule a consultation with specialists who are in and out of the field/office throughout the summer
    3. Never hesitate to contact us for a status update
  • Our main goal is to help you!
    • Following these guidelines will result in a higher quality sample which increases likelihood of us helping you
  • We aren't picky though – send us samples
  • More in-depth sample selection and shipping information on reverse of submission form.