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Crops account for more than 60 percent* of the state's total cash farm income, not including crops grown as feed and forage for the livestock industry. North Dakota is a major producer of hard red spring wheat, durum wheat, barley, sunflower, flaxseed, dry edible beans, and potatoes. By attending NDSU, located in the heart of one of the world's most productive agricultural regions, Plant Sciences students have access to an impressive breadth of scholarship, internship, research and career opportunities. (*Figure based on 2010 data.)


This is your opportunity to do meaningful work in the world of people and plants. By choosing Plant Sciences, you have chosen an opportunity to meet new people, to become professionally involved, and to prepare for your future career. The Department of Plant Sciences can provide you with the opportunity to develop a competitive edge and prepare for a career that will make a difference, help feed the world, and pave the way to an unlimited future.




Plant Sciences


NDSU Dept 7670, PO Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050
United States

Physical address
Loftsgard Hall 166
Name Position Email Phone
Ardayfio, Naa Korkoi Post Doc Research Fellow
Auwarter, Collin Research Specialist
Axtman, Jason Biological Science Technician
Bandillo, Nonoy Assistant Professor- Pulse Crop Breeding
Barr, John Chemist
Baumann, Joyana Assistant Director, Foundation Seedstock
Beeson, Kamie Information Systems Management & Support Services
Berti, Marisol Professor
Bibby, Samuel Research Specialist
Bisek, Bradley Research Specialist
Brandvik, Eric Research Specialist
Buringrud, Eileen Administrative Assistant
Caldwell, Krista Senior Accounting Specialist
Cattanach, Brian Research Specialist
Cecchin, Andrea Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Chen, Bingcan Assistant Professor
Choe, Uyory Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Christianson, Katheryn Research Specialist
Christoffers, Michael Associate Professor
Cooper, Ashley Ag Research Technician
Crane, Cora Grant Coordinator
Dai, Wenhao Professor Wenhao.Dai@NDSU.EDU
Danilova, Tatiana Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Datir, Sagar Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Davies, John Research Specialist John.Davies@NDSU.EDU
Deckard, Brenda Director, Plant Sciences Student Services
Deckard, Edward Professor
Deplazes, Chad Research Specialist
DeSimini, Stephanie Research Specialist
Eisinger, Darin Research Specialist
Elias, Elias University Distinguished Professor
Evert, Andrea Accounting Technician
Fagerstrom, Brock Ag Research Technician
Froemke, Aaron Ag Research Technician
Fuchs, Andrew Research Specialist
Gee, Jerry Ag Research Technician
Gillespie, James Chemist James.Gillespie@NDSU.EDU
Grafton, Kenneth Emeritus Faculty
Gramig, Greta Associate Professor
Green, Andrew Assistant Professor
Grieger, John Research Specialist
Hagemeyer, Connor Graduate Research Assistant
Hatterman-Valenti, Harlene Professor H.Hatterman.Valenti@NDSU.EDU
Haugrud, Nathan Graduate Research Assistant
Hegstad, Justin Research Specialist
Heilman Morales, Ana Large Database Breeding Pipeline Manager
Hertsgaard, Karen Information Specialist
Horsley, Richard Department Head, Plant Sciences
Howatt, Kirk Associate Professor
Ihry, Peter Student Farming - Machinery
Ikley, Joe Assistant Professor/Extension Weed Specialist
Inacio Matias, Filipe Research Scientist
Jevning, Karen Administrative Secretary
Jin, Zhao Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Johnson, Burton Professor
Johnson, Lisa Administrative Secretary
Jyoti, Jawahar Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Kalb, Tom Horticulturist
Kandel, Hans Professor/Agronomist
Keene, Clair Assistant Professor/Agronomist
Kercher, Kreg Ag Research Technician
Lan, Yang Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Laschkewitsch, Barb Ag Research Technician
Law, Quincy Weed Scientist
Lee, Chiwon Professor
Lee, Rian Research Specialist
Li, Deying Professor
Li, Hui Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Li, Xuehui Assistant Professor
Liu, Yu Food Technologist Specialist
Lystad, Alexa Research Specialist
Ma, Guojia Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Magnusson, Victoria Research Spec
Mann, Sally Research Specialist
Manthey, Frank Professor
Marais, Gideon Professor
Mark, Sandra Ag Research Technician
Matias, Filipe Wheat Breeding Research Scientist
McClean, Phillip Professor
McGinnis, Esther Associate Professor, Horticulturist
McMonagle, Kelly Research Analyst
McMullen, Michael Professor
Mettler, Joseph Research Specialist
Miller, Lorin Accountant
Miranda, Andre Luis Research Specialist
Miranda, Carrie Assistant Professor
Mohajeri Naraghi, Sepehr Research Scientist
Muffenbier, Toni Accounting Specialist
Nilles, Richard Research Specialist
Oliver, Rebekah Assoc Professor of Practice
Olsen, DeLane Research Specialist
Osorno, Juan Associate Professor
Peckrul, Allen Chemist
Perleberg, James Chemist
Peters, Tom Associate Professor/Sugarbeet Agronomist
Piche, Lisa Diagnostic Microbiologist
Posch, John Research Specialist
Rahman, Md Mukhlesur Associate Professor
Rao, Jiajia Assistant Professor - Cereal & Food Science
Robinson, Andy Associate Professor/Agronomist-Potatoes
Ross, Andrew Research Specialist
Rue, Kevin Research Specialist
Sabba, Robert Research Specialist
Salsman, Evan Assistant Breeder
Sarkar, Dipayan Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Schwarz, Paul Professor
Selland, Thor Research Specialist
Shetty, Kalidas Director of Global Institute of Food Science
Simons, Kristin Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Smith, Ronald Part-time Academic Staff RONALD.SMITH@NDSU.EDU
Talukder, Zahirul Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Tehseen, Muhammad Massub Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Thomas, Gwen Food Technologist
Thompson, Asunta Associate Professor
Ueker, Shannon Administrative Secretary
Underdahl, Jesse Assistant Breeder Jesse.Underdahl@NDSU.EDU
Vanderwal, Albert Research Specialist
Vegi, Anuradha Assist Professor of Practice
Vidal-Torres, Edil Student Laboratory
Vieira Junior, Indalecio Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Walk, Thomas Lg Dbase Breeding Pipeline Mgr
Walter, Amber Research Specialist
Walz, Adam Research Specialist
Wang, Zhuoyu Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Wasala Seneviratne J M, Sudeshi Lakmali Seneviratne Post Doctoral Research Fellow
West, Todd Assistant Dean
Whitney, Kristin Research Specialist
Xu, Minwei Assistant Professor
Zhang, Qi Associate Professor
Zhang, Wei Research Specialist
Zuk, Alan Associate Professor
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