Teresa Miller-Wathke
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Jordan Blue Photography

Horticulture Major a Step Toward Career Goals

Authored on
Apr 21, 2023

Name: Teresa Miller-Wathke
Major: Horticulture
Minors: Business Administration; German; Psychology
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Expected Graduation Date: May 2025


Why I chose NDSU  

I have always loved the atmosphere at NDSU. I wanted to go to a good agriculture school that offered horticulture and a college far enough away from home so I could gain new experiences.  

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Why I chose a major in the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources 

I grew up on a small bison farm in Wisconsin, so agriculture is all I have ever known. Selecting a major in the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources seemed like a “no-brainer” for me. 

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Scholarships help relieve the stress of funding college

Scholarships are important to me because it removes a large weight off of my shoulders. Because of the generosity of many donors, I have been able to receive many scholarships to help fund my education.  I am incredibly grateful for the scholarships I have been able to receive. 

  • Grafton Study Abroad Endowment Scholarship
  • 4-H Foundation Scholarship
  • Lt. William S. Cathcart Scholarship
  • Ruth Johnson Scholarship
  • Mainline Potato Scholarship
  • Aimee Stokman Thapa Scholarship

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Involvement in clubs helps me meet students with similar interests

I currently serve as vice president of the NDSU Horticulture and Forestry Club and have also held the position of secretary. Being involved with the Horticulture and Forestry Club has given me the opportunity to meet other students in my major who share similar interests. I am also actively involved with the NDSU Ag Ambassadors. I joined the Ag Ambassadors to help other out-of-state college students navigate NDSU. I came to NDSU without knowing anyone and joining these clubs helped me create long-lasting friendships. 

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Internships expand learning beyond the classroom

During the summer of 2023, I will be interning at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens in Wyoming. I am very excited to gain hands-on experience and apply what I am learning in the classroom. 


My future plans

After completing my bachelor’s degree in Horticulture, I plan to pursue my master’s degree in Horticulture here at NDSU. Then, I hope to begin a career as a horticultural therapist or work in public horticulture.