Hunter Gallagher with garden produce
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Hunger Gallagher

A Passion for Petals and Produce

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Name: Hunter Gallagher
Major: Horticulture
Minor: Crop and Weed Sciences
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Ashley, ND
Expected Graduation: May 2025


Why I chose NDSU

I have always liked the atmosphere at NDSU and there is an amazing Horticulture program here. My sister attended NDSU, also in agriculture, so I got a first-hand look at what it was like from her. I knew I didn’t want to be super far from home and once I decided that I was majoring in Horticulture, NDSU was the natural fit.

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Why I chose a major in the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources 

In high school I took a greenhouse management class and also had a garden, where I grew many vegetables. Both of those experiences and my involvement in FFA allowed me to find my passion for the horticultural world and find my major.

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Scholarships help relieve the stress of funding college

I have received the NDSU Presidential scholarship and the Stoesz, Bobb, Marion, and Byron scholarships from the College of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources. I have also received external scholarships, including the ND Dual-Credit, ND Career and Technical Education, and Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association Foundation scholarships.

Scholarships let me attend college relatively stress-free. I am able to work part time and use my scholarships to pay for all my university costs, which allows me to focus more time on my health, school, and extracurriculars.

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Friendships and professional skills are developed through club involvement

My involvement in the Horticulture and Forestry Club and Ag Ambassadors has been beneficial because clubs allow me to meet lots of new people within and outside of my major. It has been a great way for me to make friends and see them on a regular basis. I also have been learning personal and professional skills through my clubs and get to be active in the community.

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My future plans

I plan to find an internship related to horticulture for this summer to better explore the different parts of my major and hopefully solidify my long-term plans. After graduation, I would like to work in public horticulture, which could mean working in places like arboretums, botanical gardens, or public gardens and parks.