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North Central ND (06/10/21)


Last week continued the dry pattern of 2021 with high heat and a few showers over the weekend. Spray activity increased in the region after some relief from the high heat experienced last week. Crops in the North Central region are observed with different stages and conditions (Figure 1). Spring wheat ranges from Zadoks 15-25, although, we observed fields ranging from Zadoks 10-15. Several spring wheat fields have different growing stages in the same field. Canola stages were found ranging from the two to the sixth leaf stage with a wide variation within the field. Corn was observed up to the V4 stage while Soybeans ranged from the VC to V2 leaf stage with a wide variation of plant stages being observed. The wide variation in crop staging is likely due to the drought conditions in the region and is more evident in high saline locations where no germination was observed. We can see how management is crucial under dry conditions.


Canola flea beetle activity continues to be observed across the area as temperatures warmed over the last week. Grasshopper activity continues to increase as well. With drought conditions in play, it is important to continue scouting protocols at this time. Pea Leaf Weevil damage was reported in the NW part of the state. You can find more information on the Pea Leaf Weevil in the May 27th edition of the Crop & Pest Report.

Here are some quick precipitation reports as observed by area NDAWN stations over the last week (beginning June 1st): Minot: 0.06”; Bottineau: 0.36”; Garrison: 0.20”; Karlsruhe: 0.15”; Mohall: 0.05”; Plaza: 0.08”; and Rugby: 0.16”. Additionally, the bare soil temperature at the NCREC is observed at 78 degrees F.

Figure 1. From the top left clockwise we can see an uneven soybean field; canola field; soybean field under no-till; spring wheat field.


TJ Prochaska

Extension Crop Protection Specialist

NDSU North Central Research Extension Center


Leo Bortolon

Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

NDSU North Central Research Extension Center