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North Central ND (06/24/21)


After a brief cool down at the start of the week, warmer temperatures and drier weather appear to be part of the forecast. With that being said, some shower activity occurred in the region of over the last week. Here are some quick precipitation reports as observed by area NDAWN stations over the last week (beginning June 13th): Minot: 0.14” (NCREC: 0.36”); Bottineau: 0.06”; Garrison: 0.39”; Karlsruhe: 0.11”; Mohall: 0.04”; Plaza: 0.38”; and Rugby: 0.04”. Additionally, the bare soil temperature at the NCREC is observed at 71 degrees F.

Conditions for crop disease remain relatively low at this time. While precipitation has fallen in the area, warmer temperature and breezy conditions have allowed those areas to dry out. Some discussion around canola flea beetle continues in the region, however, many of those calls seemed to be concentrated along the Canadian border. Wheat midge has been observed at some of the IPM traps in ND, however, numbers remain very low at this time.

Many of the small grains are progressing rapidly through the warmer temperatures. Some of the spring wheat in the area is into the heading stages with some varieties beginning to flower. Canola fields are ranging from 4 leaf stage to flowering in the same fields in the region. At the NCREC, some of the pulses have begun to flower as well. As we look forward, the region continues to hope for more precipitation. However, the forecast doesn’t appear to be on our side.

TJ Prochaska
Extension Crop Protection Specialist
NDSU North Central Research Extension Center

Leo Bortolon
Extension Cropping Systems Specialist
NDSU North Central Research Extension Center