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North Central ND (07/15/21)


A break in the dry pattern was observed last week with the region receiving some much-needed precipitation. However, probably not enough to impact the drought-like conditions in the area. Here are some quick precipitation reports as observed by area NDAWN stations over the last week (beginning July 5th): Minot: 0.82” (NCREC: 1.09”); Bottineau: 0.96”; Garrison: 2.30”; Karlsruhe: 0.76”; Mohall: 1.27”; Plaza: 1.32”; and Rugby: 0.65”. Bare soil temperature at the NCREC is observed at 81 degrees F.

Two calls have dominated the office over the last week. (1) Grasshoppers – Are people spraying and what are they observing in the region? As noted from these calls, it appears grasshopper numbers are matching the observations of Alexius Holter, the north central scout. Grasshoppers, mainly nymphs, are being found around field edges. However, most populations are not economic. I have taken a few calls from growers near the Williams-Divide County line where some adults are being reported with numbers above economic threshold along the field edge. As a reminder, the economic thresholds are 50-75 nymphs per square yard for grasshopper nymphs in the field margins and 21-40 for number of adults in the field margins. Continue scouting to determine if any action may be needed in your area. (2) Blister beetles – what can we do? Please remember that blister beetles may be toxic to some livestock. Spraying and crimping are not recommended. Please refer to the July 1st issue of the NDSU Extension Crop & Pest Report for more information on blister beetles.

Crops are rapidly progressing in the region. Soybeans have already begun to flower. Spring wheat fields are mostly in Feekes 10.5 to 11.1. Canola fields are flowering and podding in some areas. Corn is observed from V6-V12, and a few farmers were spreading nitrogen last week.

The NCREC Field Day will be July 21st from 08:30 AM-1:00 PM CDT. A ribbon cutting ceremony for the center’s new seed conditioning facility will be held at 11:30 a.m., followed by lunch. The Northern Pulse Growers Association and Northern Canola Growers Association are partial sponsors of the lunch. A detailed program can be found in Figure 1.

Figure 1. NCREC Field Day Announcement and topics


TJ Prochaska

Extension Crop Protection Specialist

NDSU North Central Research Extension Center

Leo Bortolon

Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

NDSU North Central Research Extension Center