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North Central ND (08/12/21)


A few “hit and miss” showers were registered in some locations in the North Central region. Here are the latest precipitation reports as observed by area NDAWN stations over the last week (beginning August 3rd): Minot: 0.08” (NCREC: 0.11”); Bottineau: 0.00”; Garrison: 0.08”; Karlsruhe: 0.01”; Mohall: 0.00”; Plaza: 0.03”; and Rugby: 0.00”. Bare soil temperature at the NCREC is observed at 80 degrees F.

Grasshopper calls are dropping but continue to be the leading entomology concern with localized spots of high numbers in the region. Please keep in mind your economic thresholds for grasshopper adults – border threshold (21-40 per square yard) and an in-field threshold (8-14 per square yard). If thresholds are met, control may be required in some circumstances. As small grains, pulses, and canola continue to dry down or be harvested, grasshopper populations will begin to move to the later maturing crops. At the current moment, I have taken some two-spotted spider mite calls from area gardeners, but still haven’t heard of any populations in area crops.

Small grain harvest is underway across the area along with some local pulse crop sites. Canola swathing has begun in the region with a lot of fields continuing to mature. Soybean fields are at the R-3 stage with a few fields up to the R-5 stage. Sunflowers are nearing the R-5 stage with a few fields still playing catchup - in the R-3 to R-4 stages. 


TJ Prochaska

Extension Crop Protection Specialist

NDSU North Central Research Extension Center


Leo Bortolon

Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

NDSU North Central Research Extension Center