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North Central ND (08/26/21)


Finally, some much needed relief from the summer drought arrived over the last two weeks. Here are the latest precipitation reports as observed by area NDAWN stations over the last two weeks (beginning August 10th): Minot: 1.36” (NCREC: 1.79”); Bottineau: 2.61”; Garrison: 0.97”; Karlsruhe: 2.89”; Mohall: 2.29”; Plaza: 1.17”; and Rugby: 4.21”. Bare soil temperature at the NCREC is observed at 73 degrees F.

Insect calls have slowed considerably, however, as noted in TJ’s crop surveying over the past few weeks, they are still around. Please continue to scout in late maturing crops over the next few weeks. As early maturing crops (small grains, pulses, canola, etc.) are harvested, they will begin shifting to those late maturing crops.

Area small grains are approaching completion of harvest. Yields reported by producers are lower compared to normal years and, in some cases, are as much as 70% lower than what could be expected during an average season. Additionally, pulse crops are mostly harvested in the region. This year, we are seeing an increase of straight harvested canola. Soybean fields are mostly observed at the R-5 stage with a few fields up to the R-7 stage. Sunflowers are nearing the R-6 to R-7 stage with a few fields still playing catchup in the R-4 to R-5 stages. Most of the corn found in the region are at R-3 to R-5 and we are seeing a lot of drought stressed corn being harvested as forage.


TJ Prochaska

Extension Crop Protection Specialist

NDSU North Central Research Extension Center


Leo Bortolon

Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

NDSU North Central Research Extension Center