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Northeast ND (06/10/21)


Drought continues to be a concern in this region. Spotty fields and uneven emergences are common in every crop now. In some areas, crops are severely dry and producers are reseeding some fields. Last weekend rains were very spotty. Except for some parts of Pembina County, rest of the NE region received less than 0.5 inches of precipitation. Hail was reported in parts of Cavalier County that damaged few canola fields that went to reseeding. Heavy winds caused sand blasting on the beans and wheat on sandy grounds was blown away. Soybeans are emerging to unifoliate (maybe some at first trifoliate), but many looking stressed by wind and drought. Weed pressure is pretty intense in a lot of fields, and spraying has been difficult with hot temperatures and variability within the field/growth stage.  Alfalfa is very short. First cutting has started with very low yields estimated at less than 50% of expected. Several canola fields were sprayed for flea beetles. Cutworm infestations were reported in dry beans and canola. Cereal aphids are showing up. Pastures are getting worse with the heavy grazing from last fall and low water levels with poor quality drinking water for cattle.


Anitha Chirumamilla

Extension Agent Cavalier County