Most of North Dakota is experiencing a severe drought. NDSU Agriculture has assembled important resources for dealing with the drought. Access them now. 

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Northeast ND (06/17/21)


Most of the region got relief with much needed rains ranging from less than 0.5 inch to 3.5 inches. Crops are looking better than before. However, spotty and uneven emergences are a common sight in each and every field. Small grains are looking good in some areas. In other areas facing moisture stress, 6-10 inches tall wheat is starting to boot and heads are emerging. Top dressing and herbicide applications are in full speed. Heavy winds that followed the rains damaged several dry beans, soybean, corn, sugarbeet and canola fields. Producers are replanting them. Corn is emerging, as are potatoes. Most of the row crops have decent stands but can take more moisture. Heavy winds also blew a lot of top soil. Livestock producers are struggling with poor pastures, water quality and feed shortages. Not much disease is evident. Producers are spraying for canola flea beetles.  Spider mites and grasshopper numbers are increasing. Spider mites found in soybeans along the edge of field.  Soybean aphids were reported in Grand Forks county in V2 stage soybeans.


Anitha Chirumamilla

Extension Agent Cavalier County