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Northeast ND (06/24/21)


Most of the NE region received the much-needed rain ranging from 0.1 to 0.75 inches with few areas missing them altogether. Uneven emergences continue to be an issue in all crops. Many small grain fields are short and in the boot stage or headed out with very uneven stands. Some small grain fields are too far in their drought situation that it was too late for the rains to make a difference. There are fields that are being reseeded with canola and soybeans due to wind, hail and moisture stress damages. Many canola fields are just emerging or at 4 leaf stage while several fields are at bolting. Fields are also getting zeroed out. A lot of herbicides were applied last week with more to go. Producers are debating on the worth of adding inputs to not so well doing crops. Crops on prevent plant ground are looking good. Some annual forage crops are being planted now. Ranchers are selling some cows due to poor hay and grazing conditions.

Anitha Chirumamilla
Extension Agent Cavalier County