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Northeast ND (07/01/21)


Crops are looking much better all over the region with the weekend rains ranging from 0.1 to 2.0 inches. Small grains are turning to look decent with majority of them at heading stage. Canola is moving along very well with majority of the fields reaching bolting and flowering stages. Some late planted canola is still getting hit by flea beetles. Soybeans, dry beans and sugar beets are looking good and are reaching the stage of closing rows. Corn is advancing very well. Potatoes look good. Field peas are flowering and are looking very good. Herbicide sprayings are about done. Very quiet on the disease issues. Loose smut in wheat has been reported in the area. Wheat midge adults are emerging following rain showers with some hot spots in Benson county (1500midges/trap). Grasshoppers are starting to become a problem. Spider mites are showing up along the field edges in soybeans. Blister beetles are being reported in alfalfa, soybean and canola crops. Haying is wrapping up on first cutting. Young alfalfa stands are still producing well, while older stands are not. Concerns of either winter forage shortage, or grazing shortage potential is looming especially with the lack of pastures.  Ranchers are relying on annual forage crops. Water quality for livestock continues to be poor with more sampling and checks going on. TDS (total dissolved solids) levels are climbing but ok, sulfates are more of a concern.  Deer and Richardson ground squirrels causing damage to crops and gardens have been reported.



Anitha Chirumamilla

Extension Agent Cavalier County