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Northeast ND (07/08/21)


Rains were spotty in the region ranging from 0.01 to 2.5 inches. In some areas, rain was too late for some crops to recover from drought damage. Small grains for the most part evened out and are at heading stage. Producers are reluctant to spray fungicides in small grains due to low risk of scab and poor crop. Sugarbeets and potatoes are at the critical stages of moisture need. Canola is turning to look good with majority of the fields at flowering stage. With the risk of Sclerotinia in canola growing high with weekend rains, producers are spraying fungicides. Row crops are looking better and are progressing well. Grasshoppers are becoming a problem. Blister beetles continue to be a concern in alfalfa. Not enough rain for pastures. Hay crop this year amounted to only 20-25% of the normal year. Water is being hauled to cows. Producers are starting to bale hay in the ditches. Annual forages are being planted this week in some areas.


Anitha Chirumamilla

Extension Agent Cavalier County