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Northeast ND (07/15/21)


No significant rain in this region for the past week. Crops are getting by with previous rains. Some areas are very dry, and some farmers are planning to hay their small grains whereas some areas are doing good. Producers are inquiring about testing nitrate levels in small grains. Canola is in flowering and pod forming stage. Fungicide sprayings are going on in canola. Soybeans are nearing flowering and peas are at pod and seed development stages. Edibles and some soybeans are on the ropes. Beans need rain badly in most of the region. Sunflowers are at the R1 stage. Sugarbeets are looking good. Corn is variable, poor to good. Most of the producers are done with inputs other than weed control. Soybean aphids were reported in Western Grand Forks County, with very few plants infested below threshold levels. Wheat stem maggots and cereal aphids are noted at below threshold. Grasshoppers are maturing to adults and populations are moving into fields. Poor yields of alfalfa first cut with 1 bale or less per acre. Lots of ditch hay being cut and baled.


Anitha Chirumamilla

Extension Agent Cavalier County