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Northeast ND (07/21/21)


Most of the region received showers in the past seven days ranging from 0.3 to 1.76 inches. However, yield losses are expected in several crops due to the moisture stress endured in previous weeks. Small grains are maturing 1-2 weeks before normal which would impact the yields. Wheat and Barley harvest could begin as early as the first week of August. Soybeans, Canola, and Sugar beets in sandy ridges are showing moderate to severe drought stress. Canola, soybeans/dry beans, field peas and sunflowers in high clay soils are looking good. Corn looks promising. No disease issues. Sprayings for grasshoppers are being reported. Hay is being cut with yields half of those harvested in a typical year. Supplemental feed is being given to cattle and many ranchers have been hauling or laying pipe to bring additional water to pastures. Concerns over water quality for cattle are increasing with high levels of TDS. Blister beetles in alfalfa continue to be a concern. Home gardens and trees are also showing moisture stress symptoms.


Anitha Chirumamilla

Extension Agent Cavalier County