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Northeast ND (07/29/21)


Small grains are near ripening with uneven maturity in some fields. Early fields of wheat are getting harvested. In areas that did not receive rains in the past week, crops continue to decline and are collapsing in parts of fields. Corn is silking with very small ears. Early planted canola is mature and turning color. Late planted canola is flowering. Diamondback moth (DBM) adults were spotted in huge numbers in canola fields of Cavalier County. Late planted canola is susceptible to DBM larval damage. Soybeans are in early reproductive stages. Soybean aphids are being reported in several counties at below threshold numbers. However, the aphid populations can double in numbers when the conditions are right. Sunflowers are blooming. Field peas are mature and are turning color. Alfalfa is approaching the second cutting. Hay is short and producers are cutting whatever they can. Cattle are being sold on many ranches. Water quality continues to be an issue with livestock. Some high levels of sulfates and algal blooms have been reported.


Anitha Chirumamilla

Extension Agent Cavalier County