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Northeast ND (08/05/21)


Producers have started combining/swathing small grains with yields ranging between poor to average (0-60 bu). Winter wheat yields were reported as 75 bu/acre. Some small grains are being cut for livestock and some of the crop is being grazed. Crops such as canola, soybeans, corn are in decline, showing symptoms of stress. Beans are cupping and even sunflowers are wilting in some areas. Grasshopper problems are very bad. Slough grasses are being cut. The alfalfa second cutting is wrapped up with variable results - from no cutting to decent in fields with timely rain. Hay is being tested for nitrates, with some levels high. Producers are worried about hay shortages and selling their cattle. In anticipation of drought, some producers planted millet in Walsh County which yielded better than expected. Water ponds and sources are drying up, thus reducing the quality of water for livestock. Many ranchers have been hauling or laying pipe to bring additional water to pastures.


Anitha Chirumamilla

Extension Agent Cavalier County