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Northeast ND (08/12/21)


The entire region was incredibly dry up until Monday’s rain event. Some parts of the region missed the showers entirely. Wheat yields are significantly less than would be expected in a non-drought year. In some areas, protein content was higher than the wheat yield. Barley yields ranged from 35-65 bu. Fields peas ranged between 30-40 bu. Canola swathing has begun. Rain showers will help late planted canola, soybeans, corn, sugarbeets and sunflowers. Grasshoppers continue to be damaging. Producers are spraying for grasshoppers and diamondback moths. Pembina County reported a 25% of infestation of wheat stem sawfly in fields in the county. Blister beetles continue to be a concern in alfalfa. Water quality and amount of water remain a constant concern for ranchers. Sourcing of additional hay is now becoming an issue. Sales of animals still continue. Streams, dug outs, and irrigation ponds are extremely low throughout the region.


Anitha Chirumamilla

Extension Agent Cavalier County