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Northeast ND (08/26/21)


Small grains harvesting is underway with yields ranging between 30-70 bu. Producers were pleasantly surprised with ND Frohberg wheat yields 65-70 bu. Peas are combined ranging from 20-40bu. Some canola is getting swathed and the rest is a week-2 week away from being swathed or combined. Canola yield is surprising some but not a great yield (1200-1500 lbs). Most of the region received rains over the weekend ranging from 1- 5 inches. Soybeans, corn and sunflowers will benefit from these rains. Edible beans are dropping leaves and turning color. Pig weeds are re-growing in small grain stubble and in soybeans growing above canopy. Good time to check for palmer amaranth. Hay samples are being tested for nitrates with several of them showing high levels. Some producers are still selling cattle because there isn’t enough hay. Water samples are still reading high levels of sulfates.


Anitha Chirumamilla

Extension Agent Cavalier County