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Northwest ND (07/01/21)


Temperatures the past week were a little more moderate with highs in the 70’s with the exception of Tuesday and Wednesday when highs were in the upper 80’s and low 90’s across most of the Northwest. Unfortunately the cool weather brought with it only a little rain late last week and over the weekend. Most of Williams and McKenzie Counties received 0.1”-0.25” or less. Parts of Divide and Burke Counties got a little more with 0.5-1.0”. The 7-day forecast is calling for hot temperatures with highs in the 90’s and possible triple digits for some places on July 4th. There are no strong chances of rain in the forecast, though some small pop-up showers are possible with the heat.

Crop development continues to be pushed by the dry conditions. Canola is starting to flower and so is flax. In the WREC variety trials, pea is flowering at 8-14” tall and lentil is flowering at 6-8” tall. Small grains are flag leaf emerged to heading with a few varieties just starting to flower with a few anthers showing. Small grains on station are short with spring wheat heading out and starting to flower at 14-16” tall. The oats and barley are short, too, with most varieties 16” or less. Soybean development is well behind normal in most places due to drought conditions with fields at V1-V3. Driving around a little the past week, I saw many fields of flowering canola with soil still visible between the rows indicating that plants are smaller with less vegetative growth than normal. The same is true for soybean as I haven’t yet seen a field getting close to row closure. The high temperatures in the coming week are likely to stress the small grains as they head out and begin to flower.


Clair Keene

Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

NDSU Williston Research Extension Center