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Northwest ND (08/12/21)


The Northwest is still dry with only light scattered showers around the region this past week. A front that moved through August 9th brought a few hundredths of rain to most of the area with a few spots getting a little more, around 0.1-0.25”. Harvest has started with producers taking off peas and lentils this week. The pea variety trials were harvested at the WREC last week and yields haven’t been measured yet, but sample bags were light. Some small grain harvest has started as well and I had report from northern Williams County of spring wheat running in the 30 bushels per acre range.

There are no strong chances of precipitation in the forecast for the coming week which will allow harvest to progress quickly. Temperatures are predicated to stay in the 80s the rest of the week and then rise into the 90s and possibly triple digits over the weekend. Just a reminder to stay safe while harvesting and make sure vehicles have a fire extinguisher available. Unfortunately, the dry conditions continue to make fire a real risk.


Clair Keene

Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

NDSU Williston Research Extension Center