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South-Central/Southeast ND (07/21/21)


According to NDAWN, the region’s rainfall during the last two weeks (July 6-19) has totaled about 0.5 inch or less (e.g. Carrington REC at 0.1 inch) with few exceptions (1.1-1.2 inches at Oakes and Wishek). During the past week (July 13-19), daily water use by row crops averaged 0.2-0.25 inch per day.

Small grains are nearing or are at mature seed stage. Corn (VT-R1), soybean (R3-4), dry bean (R1-4) and sunflower (V3-5) are at critical growth stages that require minimal stress to maintain yield potential.

The following is a list of positive items this season despite the adverse growing conditions:

  • Cool overnight temperatures have provided some relief to stressed crops
  • Small grain – no lodging, disease, or preharvest sprouting; high protein in wheat; potential for very efficient harvest
  • Generally, no hail
  • Haying conditions have been generally very favorable
  • Disease threats to row crops, including white mold, continue to be low
  • Expected increased levels of residual soil N for 2022 crops

The Carrington REC had a very good Field Day on July 20 with favorable weather, diversity in subject matter, and good attendance. Thanks to the speakers for their presentations, and farmers, crop advisers and ag industry representatives for attending our educational event.

Field Day audience intrigued by the robotic rock picking demonstration.


Greg Endres

Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center