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South-Central/Southeast ND (08/26/21)


According to NDAWN, the region’s August 1 to 23 total rainfall ranges from 0.2 inch (Lisbon) to 5.0 inches (Wishek). Most areas received at least an inch of rain this month including the Carrington Research Extension Center (CREC) at 1.4 inches. Last weekend’s rain will provide most value for soybean, especially long-maturing varieties or late-planted fields. Hopefully the rains continue this fall to begin soil moisture recharge for the benefit of 2022 crops.

Currently, 2021 CREC small grain variety trial data is available ( for one HRS wheat and durum trial, and three barley trials; with more data pending.

The following are the most advanced row crop growth stages observed at the CREC earlier this week: corn, R5 (dent); soybean, R7 (initial seed maturity); dry bean, R9 (full seed maturity); and sunflower, R8 (back of head is yellow). Dry bean harvest will commence when field conditions allow equipment entry.


  CREC irrigated dry bean and sunflower in R8 growth stage.png



Greg Endres

Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center