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South-Central/Southeast ND (09/08/21)



According to NDAWN, the region’s August 1 to September 6 rainfall ranges from 2.1 inches (Denhoff) to 7.5 inches (Wishek), with the Carrington REC receiving 3.5 inches.

Among row crops, the recent rain will provide most value for soybean, especially long-maturing varieties or late-planted fields. During the past 2 weeks, rain had little impact on dry bean that were near or at seed maturity. Plus, rain actually was a negative as many bean plants have produced new blossoms and initial pods, which likely will not produce viable seed and cause additional harvest challenges (see picture). The rain (and cooler air temperatures) has certainly promoted pasture regrowth. Also, the rain has provided the environment for successful establishment of fall cover crops.

Currently, 2021 CREC small grain variety trial data is available ( for three HRS wheat (dryland, and Dazey and Wishek off-station sites); two durum (dryland and no-till); and three barley (dryland, irrigated and no-till); with more data pending. Our irrigated dry bean variety trial should also be harvested this week.


variability in growth amond and withing pinto bean plants shown.png


Greg Endres

Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

NDSU Carrington Research Extension Center