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Southwest ND (06/24/21)


Drought stress is visible across SW ND, with some pockets more heavily impacted than others. A zone around Dickinson and into Hettinger County that is evident on the US Drought Monitor map looks relatively good thanks to small, but timely rainfall events. That being said, yield loss is still expected. Small grains are beginning to head out and canola and flax are flowering. Corn, soybeans, and sunflowers are holding on, but will need significant rain in the next months to be productive. Forages have been hit the hardest, but there are some who, through a mixture of catching timely rains and good fertility management in previous years, will have a decent first cutting of alfalfa within the next week. According to NDAWN from June 14th to June 21st Dickinson received 0.11 inch, Beach 0.02, Amidon 0, Bowman 0, Hettinger 0, Mott 0, Carson 0.21, Mandan 0.42, Hazen 0.78, and Dunn 0.54.

Ryan Buetow
Extension Cropping Systems Specialist
NDSU Dickinson Research Extension Center