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Southwest ND (07/08/21)


According to NDAWN from June 20th to July 5th Dickinson received 0.76 inch of rain, Beach 0.58, Amidon 0.36, Bowman 0.58, Hettinger 0.33, Mott 1.02, Carson 0.55, Mandan 1.58, Hazen 1.09, and Dunn 0.21. Short but timely rains have kept corn and sunflowers in the region looking relatively fair while it’s too little, too late for most canola and small grains. Drought stress is evident across the region. First cutting of alfalfa was baled over the past week with reduced yields across the region. The drought and heat along with in-field variability has amplified herbicide issues with potential carryover, insufficient control, and misapplication. Secondary issues that impact water uptake such as acidity and salinity are more visible now than previous years, use this as an opportunity to create zones for soil sampling to be better prepared for future drought.

Coming up on Wednesday July 14th from 8am-12pm mountain time we will have our agronomy field day at the NDSU DREC. Following a lunch provided by the Dickinson Chamber of Commerce Ag Committee we will have a soil sampling workshop from 1-4pm. For the field day and soil workshop 2.5 Nutrient Management, 1.5 Soil & Water Management, and 2.5 IPM CEU’s have been approved for CCA’s.

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Ryan Buetow


Ryan Buetow

Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

NDSU Dickinson Research Extension Center