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Southwest ND (07/21/21)


According to NDAWN, from July 9th to July 19th Dickinson received 0 inches of rain, Beach 0.01, Amidon 0, Bowman 0.08, Hettinger 0.06, Mott 0, Carson 0, Mandan 0.89, Hazen 0.08, and Dunn 0. Early planted small grains are turning and peas in the region will be harvested within the next 2 weeks. Sunflowers have switched to reproductive growth with most in the late bud stage and some fields beginning to flower. Red sunflower seed weevils are present in wild sunflowers along roadsides. Be sure to check the Sunflower Production Guide for more information on managing insects in sunflower Corn is looking poor across most of the region with some 4ft tall and tasseling.

Figure 1 Drought impacted corn in Adams Co. ND July 20th 2021. Corn is 4 feet tall and tasseling and Figure 2 Red Sunflower Seed Weevil on wild sunflower and Morton County Agricultural Improvement Plot Tour announcement


Ryan Buetow

Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

NDSU Dickinson Research Extension Center