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Southwest ND (08/05/21)


According to NDAWN, from July 26th to August 2nd Dickinson received 0 inches of rain, Beach 0, Amidon 0.06, Bowman 0.08, Hettinger 0.17, Mott 0.15, Carson 0.14, Mandan 0, Hazen 0, and Dunn 0. Drought and heat stress continue to have a negative impact on crop conditions, but conditions have been good for drying down the small grains for harvest. Grasshopper pressure has really exploded in the region, mainly an issue along the edge of fields. Red sunflower seed weevils are also present in the region. Small grain harvest is going strong with yields varying across the region from zeroed out or baled to 50 bushels/acre. Small grain trials at the Dickinson REC are averaging around 18 bushels/acre and trials at the Hettinger REC averaged around 44 bushels/acre. There are some pockets that received timely rains that have resulted in some great looking crops.


Figure 1. Grasshoppers on sunflowers near New Leipzig on August 2nd.png
Photo Credit:
IPM scout Iris Dukart


Ryan Buetow

Extension Cropping Systems Specialist

NDSU Dickinson Research Extension Center