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Scout for Spider Mites in Soybeans, Dry Beans and Corn (07/21/21)

The first reports of spider mites being found on field edges of soybeans came in this week from West Fargo, ND and Crookston, MN.

Flea Beetles Feeding on Canola Pods (07/21/21)

The summer population of flea beetles has emerged earlier due to warmer temperatures and are in large numbers.

Potato Leafhoppers in Dry Beans (07/21/21)

Populations of potato leafhoppers are increasing in dry edible beans in eastern North Dakota and in north central Minnesota, near Park Rapids.

Armyworm and Black Cutworm Trapping Network (07/21/21)

Trap catches for true armyworm and black cutworm are low at all trap sites last week. Good news for a change!

IPM Crop Survey - Insect Update (07/21/21)

Soybean aphid numbers continue to be low and aphids were observed in only 22% of the soybean fields scouted last week, mainly in MN. Grasshoppers are increasing and in mixed nymph-adult stages. Trap captures for banded sunflower moth and Arthuri sunflower moth increased this last week.

European Corn Borer Decreasing (07/21/21)

European corn borer (ECB) Z-race moths (univoltine) were detected at 9 of the 13 of trap sites and ECB E-race (bivoltine) at 3 of the 13 trap sites last week

Pea Leaf Weevil Emergence (05/27/21)

As we move into late May, pea leaf weevil (PLW) will likely begin emerging in western areas of North Dakota.

IPM Crop Survey - Insect Update (07/15/21)

Soybean aphid & Spider Mites

European Corn Borer Increasing (07/15/21)

European corn borer (ECB) Z-race moths (univoltine) were detected at 10 of the 13 of trap sites and ECB E-race (bivoltine) at 5 of the 13 trap sites last week.

Scout for Banded Sunflower Moth Eggs (07/15/21)

Based on pheromone trap catches, banded sunflower moth (BSM) and Arthuri sunflower moth (ASM) have emerged this last week.

Red-Headed Flea Beetle in Soybeans and Corn (07/15/21)

There have been several calls, emails, and texts about the red-headed flea beetle (Systena frontalis) causing defoliation in soybeans and in corn.

Armyworm and Black Cutworm Trapping Network (07/15/21)

Trap catches are summarized in Table 1.

Which Insecticide is Best for Grasshopper Control (07/15/21)

All stages of grasshoppers (1st instars to adults) can be observed in the field crops now.

Armyworm and Black Cutworm Trapping Network (07/08/21)

A pheromone trapping network for true armyworm and black cutworms was set-up in June in North Dakota.

Scout for European Corn Borer (07/08/21)

European corn borer (ECB) Z-race moths (univoltine) have started emerging in ND (Table 1).

IPM Crop Survey - Insect Update (07/08/21)

Cereal aphids, grasshoppers, soybean aphids, and spider mites observed in the IPM crop survey.

Scout Hay for Blister Beetles (07/01/21)

Several blister beetle species feed on alfalfa.

Collect Leafy Spurge Flea Beetles (07/01/21)

The accumulated growing degree days (AGDD) for sunflower (base of 44 F) are used as a guide to determine when to begin collecting for adult flea beetles.

Cereal Aphids on Wheat Heads (07/01/21)

Low numbers of English grain aphids, 30-50 aphids per head, are being observed on wheat heads in eastern ND.

European Corn Borer Trapping Network (07/01/21)

A trapping network is being monitored for the Z- and E-races of European corn borer in corn fields of ND. A modified Hartstack trap is being used for trapping ECB moths in grassy field ditches.

Soybean Gall Midge Update in North Dakota (06/24/21)

Soybean gall midge, Resseliella maxima, is a new insect pest, which has been confirmed from Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and Missouri.

Leafy Spurge Flea Beetles (06/24/21)

Leafy spurge is flowering and land managers are interested in obtaining leafy spurge flea beetles (Aphthona species) for biocontrol of this noxious weed.

Dry Weather Decreases Risk for Wheat Midge in 2021 (06/24/21)

Wheat midge is an economic insect pest of hard red spring wheat and durum wheat in the northern tier of North Dakota.

Cereal Aphids in Wheat and Barley (06/10/21)

Low levels of cereal aphids (1 to 12% of stems infested) were found by the IPM scouts in 8% of the wheat fields scouted south of Hwy 2 in eastern ND.

Grasshopper Update (06/10/21)

IPM Scouts of ND and Minnesota found grasshopper nymphs in about half of the barley, wheat and soybean fields scouted last week.

Sugarbeet Root Maggot Update: Hot Weather Will Accelerate Fly Emergence (06/03/21)

Despite relatively low sugarbeet root maggot (SBRM) fly activity at this time, the anticipated streak of hot weather is likely to produce major surges in fly emergence and subsequent movement into beet fields in the next couple of days.

IPM Crop Survey Starts in ND and MN (06/03/21)

For the 2021 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Crop Survey, six scouts and two insect trappers were hired in North Dakota and three scouts in Minnesota!

Cutworm Scouting (05/27/21)

The first report of cutworms was reported this week in barley in Slope County, southwestern ND (Ryan Buetow, DREC).

Continue to Scout for Canola Flea Beetle (05/27/21)

With warmer temperatures occurring in most of North Dakota, flea beetles will be more active in areas with emerged canola fields.
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