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Armyworm and Black Cutworm Trapping Network (07/08/21)


A pheromone trapping network for true armyworm and black cutworms was set-up in June in North Dakota. Trap catches are summarized in Table 1. Armyworm numbers have recently doubled for Cass, Ransom, Traill and Towner trap sites. However, drought is not favorable for armyworm reproduction. Areas with recent rains and lodged wheat should be scouted for armyworm larvae in about 2 weeks. Low trap catches for black cutworm were observed at all trap sites since inception.

For more information on armyworm, see the NDSU Extension publication on The Armyworm and the Army Cutworm E830.

Armyworm Economic Thresholds:

Armyworm Economic Thresholds: Small Grains, wheat, barley, oats stages listed and percentages.
Photo Credit:
Janet J. Knodel


Table 1. Summary of pheromone trap catches for true armyworm and black cutworm in wheat, 2021.


Janet J. Knodel

Extension Entomologist