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European Corn Borer Continues to Decline (08/05/21)


European corn borer (ECB) moths continue to decline. ECB Z-race moths (univoltine) were detected at 9 of the 13 of trap sites and ECB E-race (bivoltine) at 3 of the 13 trap sites last week (Table 1 on page 3). The ECB-Z and ECB-E-race moths peaked the week of July 2-8. The ECB-Z moths were 96% of the total trap catch last week, while ECB-E moths were only 4%. Corn crop stages were VT to R2.

European Corn Borer Trapping Maps July 26-30, 2021.png
Table 1. Summary of pheromone trap catches for European Corn Borer in ND Field corn, 2021.png


Veronica Calles-Torrez                                                                                                                                      

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T.J. Prochaska

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