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European Corn Borer Increasing (07/15/21)


Soybean aphid numbers continue to be low and were observed in only 2% of the soybean fields scouted last week in Cass county of ND and Clay county of MN. The percent of plants infested was 3-15% with an average of only 1-10 aphids per plant. Growth stages of soybeans ranged from V6 to R3 (early pod). Continue to scout soybean fields at least weekly through R6 (full seed).

Spider mites are still hard to find and were observed in only 1 field out of 61 soybean fields scouted in Williams county. The forecast for no rain and hot temperatures in 90s 0F could cause increases in mite populations for next week. Continue to scout.

IPM maps of insect pests and diseases are posted on the IPM website:


Janet J. Knodel

Extension Entomologist