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Grasshopper Update (06/10/21)


IPM Scouts of ND and Minnesota found grasshopper nymphs in about half of the barley, wheat and soybean fields scouted last week. Populations are still below the economic threshold of 50-75 nymphs per square yards in field margins or 30-45 nymphs per square yard inside field.

Continue to scout for nymphs to see if they will start to move into field edges and if populations will increase due to the favorable hot, dry weather. However, if the drought continues to be ‘extreme,’ it can have negative effects on grasshoppers as well as the crops:

  • Poor egg hatch
  • Grasshoppers can starve from lack of food
  • Low egg production by female adults in fall

For more information, see the past article on grasshopper scouting in the Crop & Pest Report #4, May 20, 2021.

Grasshopper map from June 1-4, 2021

Janet J. Knodel

Extension Entomologist