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2021 Corn Disease Survey (09/23/21)


The Extension Cereal Crop Plant Pathology lab visited 110 corn fields in 20 counties during August 13 to August 23. Disease were recorded in each field and results were summarized to provide insight on the corn disease situation of 2021. The three most commonly reported diseases were common rust (non-economical), corn smut (non-economical) and Goss’s wilt (economically important). Goss’s wilt was found in 23% of the fields, and was mostly found to small pockets or field edges (Figure 1). Economic losses to Goss’s wilt in 2021 will be much lower than previous years, and it is important to diagnose this disease this year to make management plans for next year (ie: use of resistant hybrids).

Figure 1. Small pocket of Goss’s wilt in a field with close-up of infected leaf.png


Andrew Friskop

Extension Plant Pathology, Cereal Crops