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Soybean Disease Resources (08/26/21)


I recommend several resources that may help you identify your soybean diseases.

  1. The ‘Soybean Disease Diagnostic Series’ jointly created by NDSU and UMN Extension specifically for our growing region was just updated last month (some additional photos, updated prevalence information, one additional disease). All diseases common (and some uncommon) in our region are included in the series, with an emphasis specifically on identification. We thank the North Dakota Soybean Council and Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council for support in the creation of this diagnostic guide.
  2. Another helpful local resource is the UMN soybean pest management website. Diseases are separated into leaf, stem and seed/root diseases – and provides important information about symptoms and signs.
  3. The Soybean Research and Information Network is a website of the North Central Soybean Research Program (an excellent soybean-checkoff supported multi-state program). This link takes you to the disease page, but information about insects, agronomics and other information can also be found on the site.
  4. The SCN Coalition is a public private partnership focused on soybean cyst nematode. This information is excellent, with videos, publications and numerous SCN resources. 
  5. The Crop Protection Network is a website operated by many Extension plant pathologists from across the soybean growing states. The searchable website includes publications, and image library, and information on numerous soybean, corn and small grain diseases.


Sam Markell

Extension Plant Pathologist, Broad-leaf Crops