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Estimating Sunflower Yield (09/23/21)

The sunflower yield for oil sunflower, can be calculated by the number of plants per acre, the head diameter, the seed size, the number of filled seeds per head, observing how much of the center of the head is filled, and estimating the damage done by birds.

Harvesting Sunflowers for Silage (09/08/21)

Many producers are wondering if their sunflower will make it to grain harvest or should they salvage the crop and harvest it as forage.

Estimating Corn Grain Yield (08/26/21)

Corn growers are eager to estimate their grain yield potential this year due to the extreme drought experienced over much of the state.

Soybean Iron Deficiency Chlorosis Scores (08/26/21)

North Dakota State University conducts research annually on soybean varieties for their tolerance to iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC).

Drought Stress in Soybean (07/29/21)

Due to the long stretch of dry conditions, many of the soybean fields are showing drought stress in the area.

Sunflower Development and Growing Degree Days (GDD) (07/21/21)

The USDA weekly crop progress report stated that by May 23, 30% of the sunflower acres were planted, and 5% of the sunflower crop was flowering as of July 18.

Fungicide Application on Soybean (07/15/21)

In many crops, fungicides are applied to protect plants from plant disease. In the northern soybean growing region, the number of serious fungal diseases during the growing season are limited.

Soybean Reaching R1 (07/08/21)

Soybean plants in our area are transitioning from the vegetative growth stages to the reproductive phase of their crop development cycle.

Soybean Foliar Fertilizer Application (07/08/21)

Producers are always interested in increasing soybean yield but of course there should be a return on investment.

Check Soybean Nodulation (07/01/21)

A good time to evaluate soybean plant nodulation is in the soybean vegetative growth stage, after the second or third trifoliolate leaf has emerged.

Things to Consider when Managing Alfalfa from Now On

When moisture is the main limiting factor, nutrient levels aren’t going to make much of a difference to crop yield.

Harvesting Drought-Stressed Small Grains as Forage (06/24/21)

The unprecedented hot and dry weather in the upper Midwest has continued to deteriorate large acreages of the small grain crops.

Iron Deficiency Chlorosis (06/24/21)

Iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC) is starting to show in soybean fields in the Red River Valley.

Plant Stress 2021 (06/10/21)

The term “plant stress” is used when conditions interfere with normal plant growth. Some of the recent stress factors have been a frost event at the end of May, continued dry conditions throughout the state, and extreme heat for the time of the year.

Frost Damage (06/03/21)

During the early morning of Friday May 28, 2021, frost occurred in many parts of North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota.
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