Most of North Dakota is experiencing a severe drought. NDSU Agriculture has assembled important resources for dealing with the drought. Access them now. 

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The Cost of Erosion (07/21/21)

Most people experienced the serious dust storms in certain areas of North Dakota this spring.

Fertilizer Planning for 2022 (07/15/21)

With the 2021 fertilization season in the past for most of this year’s crops, it is not too early to consider planning for the 2022 season.

Post-Anthesis N for Extra Protein this Year? (06/24/21)

This 2021 spring wheat growing season has been challenging for lack of a better word.

Poor Corn Germination and Root Development (06/10/21)

The drought conditions have resulted in many fields experiencing poor corn germination, root development and early growth.

How Heat and Water Stress Effects Wheat Plants in Vegetative Stages (6/10/21)

The first half of June is normally a cool, wet period in North Dakota, perfect for the development of tillers and adventitious (crown) roots in spring wheat.