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Guidelines for Fall N Application in North Dakota (09/08/21)

Fall N application is a possible fertilizer management strategy if the timing is optimized.

Potassium Deficiency Symptoms in Dry Bean and Soybean (08/26/21)

Along with many other challenges associated with dry conditions this crop season, potassium (K) deficiency symptoms are being expressed in crops including dry bean and soybean.

An Opportunity for Planting into Stubble (08/26/21)

This fall there has been much more straw removal from small grain fields than normal. This means that there would be far less problems planting into stubble next spring than in most years.

Soil Sampling Tips (08/12/21)

Due to the large amount of residual nitrate left after the short crops in the state, there will be more soil sampling than usual. Here are a few tips to increase the practical use of the results from sampling.

Fertilizer Value of Distressed Corn Harvest for Forage (08/05/21)

Last week, the fertilizer value of spring wheat and barley straw was estimated. This week, the subject is corn harvested for forage.

The Fertilizer Value of Wheat and Barley Straw, 2021 (07/29/21)

Wheat straw contains some of all essential plant nutrients, but nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) are the only nutrients in sufficient amounts to be considered.

Boron/Calcium Deficiency in Drought-Stressed Sugar Beets (07/29/21)

Boron and calcium are unique as plant nutrients, because their transport through the plant is nearly exclusively through the xylem flow.

The Cost of Erosion (07/21/21)

Most people experienced the serious dust storms in certain areas of North Dakota this spring.

Fertilizer Planning for 2022 (07/15/21)

With the 2021 fertilization season in the past for most of this year’s crops, it is not too early to consider planning for the 2022 season.

Post-Anthesis N for Extra Protein this Year? (06/24/21)

This 2021 spring wheat growing season has been challenging for lack of a better word.

Poor Corn Germination and Root Development (06/10/21)

The drought conditions have resulted in many fields experiencing poor corn germination, root development and early growth.

How Heat and Water Stress Effects Wheat Plants in Vegetative Stages (6/10/21)

The first half of June is normally a cool, wet period in North Dakota, perfect for the development of tillers and adventitious (crown) roots in spring wheat.