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Stinger HL is New in 2021 (04/29/21)


Corteva Agriscience is introducing a ‘higher load’ formulation of clopyralid in corn, cereal crops, canola, and sugarbeet in North Dakota and Minnesota in 2021. Stinger HL is a 5 lb gallon formulation compared to 3 lb gallon with Stinger. Producers may expect to find both Stinger and Stinger HL in their markets in 2021 as retailers’ transition from the old to new formulations. Stinger (group 4, auxin) controls weeds in the Composite, Polygonum, Legume, and Nightshade families. Use the selector (that follows) to pick the Stinger HL rate matching to your Stinger rate.

Comparison of Stinger Rate and Stinger HL "Higher Load" Rate
Product Loading Labeled rate Sugarbeet rate
Stinger 3 ib/gal 4 - 10.7 fl oz/A 2 - 6 fl oz/A
Stinger HL 5 lb/gal 2.4 - 6.4 fl oz/A 1.2 - 3.6 fl oz/A

Converting Sting Rate to Stinger HL Rate
  fl oz/A fl oz/A fl oz/A fl oz/A
Stinger 2 3 4 6
Stinger HL 1.2 1.8 2.4 3.6

Tom Peters
Extension Sugarbeet Agronomist
NDSU & U of MN