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Herbicide Resistant Traits in Minnesota and North Dakota


(PS1945, Revised January 2021)

This reference guide is designed to help clarify which herbicide products can be applied to various trait packages. It will also help with understanding which herbicides can be applied safely and legally.

Tom Peters, Associate Professor/ Extension Sugarbeet Agronomist, NDSU Plant Sciences Department

Jared Goplen, Extension Educator - Crops,University of Minnesota Extension; Joe Ikley, Assistant Professor/ Extension Weed Specialist, NDSU Plant Sciences Department; Dave Nicolai, Extension Educator - Crops, University of Minnesota Extension; Debalin Sarangi, Assistant Professor/Extension Weed Specialist, University of Minnesota

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Herbicide-resistance traits have created additional weed control options in alfalfa, canola, corn, soybeans, sugarbeets, sunflowers and wheat. However, traits may create confusion surrounding which herbicides can be applied safely and legally to the various crop trait packages. Misapplication due to confusion can be very costly and embarrassing for the producer and collaborating partners.

Weed management to prevent herbicide-resistant weeds requires a well-developed strategy. A durable weed management strategy considers the crops planned for the field and chemical, cultural and mechanical control strategies to achieve excellent control of the primary weeds in the field. Your weed management strategy should consider herbicide applied in sequence and mixtures, along with nonchemical control options, to preserve the value of herbicides and herbicide-resistant traits on your farm.

Reading and following label guidelines when applying herbicides to any crop is important. The label of some glyphosate products indicates they can be applied to Roundup Ready® and glyphosate-tolerant crops. Most glyphosate labels state the products are for use in Roundup Ready® crops or in crops that have the Roundup Ready® gene. Other glyphosate labels have language stating the glyphosate product can be applied to glyphosate-tolerant crops.

This reference guide is designed to help clarify which herbicide products can be applied to various trait packages. You always should verify seed tags and herbicide labels to ensure misapplication does not occur.


*This publication is adapted from Butts et al. 2019. Herbicide resistance traits: quick reference guide. MP544. Available at 

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