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Langdon REC 2021 Field Day

Jul 22, 2021, 8:30 am - 1 pm, CDT
Langdon REC, 9280 107th Ave. N.E., Langdon, ND

Langdon Research Extension Center's 2021 Field Day in cooperation with the Northern Canola Growers Association is Thursday, July 22, 2021  (8:00am-1:00pm)


8:30am - Field Tours Begin


  • Cover Crops on Saline and Sodic Field Areas, Naeem Kalwar, LREC Soil Health Extension Specialist
  • NDSU Soybean Crop Breeding Program Update, Dr. Carrie Miranda, NDSU Soybean Breeder
  • NDSU Pulse Crop Breeding Program Update, Dr. Nano Bandillo, NDSU Pulse Crop Breeder
  • NDSU HRSW Breeding Program Report, Dr. Andrew Green, NDSU HRSW Breeder
  • 2021 Small Grain Disease Update, Dr. Andrew Friskop, NDSU Extension Specialist in Small Grain Diseases
  • 2021 Canola Growing Season Report, Ron Beneda, CHS Agronomist
  • 2021 Insects Affecting Canola and Other Crops in Northeast ND, Dr. Anitha Chirumichilla, Cavalier County ANR Extension Agent
  • 2021 Canola Disease Update, Dr. Venkat Chapara, LREC Research Plant Pathologist
  • Soybean and Dry Bean Row Spacing Study, Bryan Hanson, LREC Research Agronomist
  • Northeast ND Weed Problems, Dr. Joe Ikley, NDSU Extension Weed Specialist

Noon - Lunch

Thank you to the Northern Canola Growers Association for sponsoring the doughnuts and noon meal!

Contact Information

Contact Information

Sara Schuchard-McGregor