Selected Management Factors for Economically Increasing Soybean Yield

(A1718, Revised Jan. 2019)

Soybean yield increased with 14-inch versus 28-inch rows, 200,000 versus 150,000 pls/acre planting rate and special foliar inputs. The narrow rows also had higher net revenue than 28-inch rows. However, the low planting rate and no foliar inputs provided higher net revenue after costs of research factors versus the alternative choice for each factor.

Lead Author
Lead Author:
Greg Endres, Extension Cropping Systems Specialist, Carrington Research Extension Center
Other Authors

Hans Kandel, Extension Agronomist, Fargo; Other researchers contributing to this study include: Carrington Research Extension Center – Blaine Schatz, Mike Ostlie and Steve Metzger; Fargo/Prosper – Chad Deplazes and Sam Markell

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