Swathing and Harvesting Canola

(A1171, Reviewed July 2019)

The timing of swathing canola is important for quality and yield. This publication provides information about the proper stage to swath canola and the effect of swathing time on yield, green seed and percent oil. A description is provided about how to set the swather and combine to optimize the yield and quality of canola.

Lead Author
Lead Author:
Reviewed by Hans Kandel, Agronomist, NDSU Extension, Bryan Hanson, Agronomist, Langdon Research Extension Center
Other Authors

This publication was authored by Duane R. Berglund, professor emeritus and former Extension agronomist, NDSU; Bryan Hanson, agronomist, Langdon Research Extension Center, NDSU; and Mark Zarnstorff, former agronomist, North Central Research Extension Center, NDSU, 1999.

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