2022 Fall cost share / Logan county

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2022 Fall Cost share: North Dakota state law requires the control of noxious weeds. The Logan County Weed Board offers fall cost share towards the chemical cost to control leafy spurge, spotted knapweed, yellow toadflax, houndstongue, wormwood, and *Canada thistle at the rate of 80% for pasture and rangeland applications and 100% for roadside applications not to exceed $24.00 per acre. A calendar year maximum reimbursement of $5,000 per producer also applies. No cost share is available for labor, cropland, or CRP applications. Forms are also available in the office or at the following link: https://logancountynd.com/extension-office

*Canada thistle and wormwood control is offered only with a limit of $500.

The application must be completed front and back, returned with copies of the receipt for chemical(s) used and an FSA (or similar) map showing specific areas that were sprayed. All documentation must be received in our office by Friday, November 18th, 2022. An incomplete application or documentation may cause reimbursement to be delayed or denied at the discretion of the Logan County Weed Board.

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Contact Information

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