Farm to Market Webinar Series


The North Dakota State University Extension Small Farms Team is hosting a comprehensive and interactive Local Meat Production webinar series for Tuesday evenings in May. The five-part series covers topics from production management to customer relations and prepares meat and poultry producers to more effectively market their products in innovative ways.

An interactive panel discussion and Q&A will help attendees learn more about how they can produce and market high-quality meat and poultry products in North Dakota.

“It is a mission of our NDSU Extension Small Farms Team to connect producers and consumers, and we feel we can provide expertise across the supply chain for our stakeholders,” says Lindy Berg, NDSU Extension agriculture and natural resources agent in Towner County.

The series begins at 7 p.m. CDT on May 3 and continue for five weeks to provide the full supply chain perspective. Registration is required at https://tinyurl.com/pc6vnzx7, and registered participants will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link.

“We have identified the opportunity to meet the needs of our North Dakota producers, and heard the resounding requests from consumers to buy locally,” says Travis Hoffman, NDSU Extension sheep specialist. “The time is now to work to differentiate your product, reach production marketing goals, and provide meat, poultry and eggs for consumers who wish to know where their food comes from.”

May 3: Getting Livestock Ready for Harvest

  • Travis Hoffman, NDSU Extension
  • Lisa Pederson, NDSU Extension
  • CJ and Calli Thorne, Triangle M Ranch and Feedlot
  • Daryl Lies, co-owner, 6 in 1 Meats

May 10: Meat and Poultry in Farmer’s Markets and Farm to School

  • Jan Stankiewicz, NDSU Extension
  • Kristine Kostuck, North Dakota Department of Agriculture Local Foods
  • Deb Egeland, North Dakota Department of Public Instruction

May 17: Retail Meats and Inventory Management

  • Travis Hoffman, NDSU Extension
  • Ron and Beth Wolff, Wolff Suffolk
  • Joana Friesz, Friesz Livestock
  • Isaac Brunkow, Brunkow Family Lamb
  • Spencer Wirt, general manager, 6 in 1 Meats

May 24: Building Your Consumer Relationships for Success

  • Lindy Berg, NDSU Extension
  • Annie Carlson, Morning Joy Farm
  • Isaac Brunkow. Brunkow Family Lamb

May 31: Poultry Meat and Egg Production

  • Penny Nester, NDSU Extension
  • Wayne Martin, UMN Extension
  • Julie Garden-Robinson, NDSU Extension
  • Adam and Apryl Mawby, Gardendwellers Ranch
Contact Information

Contact Information

Lindy Berg

Requests for accommodations related to disability should be made to the event contact person at least two weeks in advance of the event.