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Personal and family finance topics can be very complex. There are numerous topics to learn about and navigate. Money management skills are essential to achieving financial well-being. Individuals and families face many financial decisions throughout their life.

By learning about personal finance and increasing your financial literacy, you can make more informed decisions. NDSU Extension offers a variety of resources to help you increase your financial knowledge and take steps towards financial well-being.

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10 Tips to Save Money at Home

Finding yourself living paycheck to paycheck can feel overwhelming. If you find yourself in this situation or maybe you simply are looking for a way to save a few extra bucks, little changes can make a big difference in the long term. Here are 10 easy tips to save money at home:

Cybersecurity: Take Steps to Protect Yourself

Cybersecurity awareness becomes increasingly important each year as technology continuously becomes more advanced and accessible.

Getting Your Finances in Order: How to Make a Household Financial Binder

Organizing your finances and making a plan on where your money goes and should go is important. A household financial binder is one way you can do this.

You Received Your Credit Score: Do You Know Which One?

Many agencies offer a free credit score. However, did you know that these scores might not be the scores a lender is using when you apply for new credit?
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Learn ways to improve communication and get started talking about important money issues to prevent negative consequences that can result when money is not discussed.
Keeping important family papers and records organized can save frustrations and hours of searching. Even on an everyday basis, organized recordkeeping makes paying bills, finding receipts and managing the family’s finances much easier.
Keeping family records in a businesslike manner saves time, trouble, money and frustration. This inventory will help families gather important records for safe keeping and quick access when those records are needed.
Part of a financial newsletter for kids and parents, this issue explores bank accounts.
Part of a financial newsletter for kids and parents, this issue explores sources of money for kids.
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