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New North Dakota Law to Help Family Caregivers


Thanks to AARP and the North Dakota Hospital Association a new law called the CARE Act is making a difference for family caregivers. 

Below is information about the new law, shared with permission from AARP North Dakota:

The CARE (Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable) Act helps family caregivers when their loved ones go into the hospital and as they transition home.

The law ensures hospitals:

  • Identify and involve the patient's family caregiver throughout the hospital stay.
  • Keep that caregiver informed of their loved one’s discharge plans.
  • Provide education and instruction of aftercare tasks – such as medication management, injections, and wound care – that the family caregiver will perform at home.

More than 62,000 North Dakotans care for older parents, spouses or other loved ones, helping them to live independently at home. These family caregivers have a huge responsibility, and this new law will make life a little bit easier for them.

Another resource to help to caregivers is the Powerful Tools for Caregivers (PTC) program. It’s an evidence-based six-week educational workshop designed to help family caregivers take better care of themselves and feel more confident in their ability to care for their family members. NDSU Extension offers the PTC program through extensive partnerships with local organizations.

For more information on the PTC program, family caregiving educational lessons or other resources, contact your county office of NDSU Extension.