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What Parents Are Saying


Participants in the Gearing Up for Kindergarten educational program provide comments and feedback on the program through participant surveys and other means. A brief sampling of comments is included here.

More Time and Active Involvement with Children

  • It’s a good learning program.  Useful information and doing the learning activities with my child is fun!!  I like learning with my child and what I learn from this helps me to understand how to help her learn better.
  • This program has been an incredible blessing to me and my son.  I absolutely love the chance to play educational games with just him and I really need the parenting advice and encouragement that is given.  I was also very thankful for the child care for my other kids.  Thank you!!

Improved Parenting Efforts in Specific Areas

  • I found the discipline techniques very useful – using positive reinforcement and avoiding the word “don’t.”
  • I am more interactive when I read to him.  Many of my parenting beliefs and behaviors have been affirmed, which has helped me to be more confident.
  • I try to focus more on catching him being good.  I try to use everyday experiences more to teach math and literacy.

Increased Awareness of Child’s Specific Needs

  • This is an awesome program – I think it is something that every family with a child entering kindergarten could benefit from participating in.  It allowed me to see which skills my son has mastered versus needs work on for school readiness.
  • This class was offered at a difficult time our family was facing, just recently learning we had a special needs child.  This class was very beneficial for our child, providing some stability for all of us and assuring us with what we will need to face with the youngest child in our family.
  • This program was absolutely what our family needed!  It was great to take the time to focus on my son’s development.  I truly needed encouragement as a parent and this helped us focus on helping our son.  He can’t wait for kindergarten now.

Increased Child Social Confidence and Positive Peer Interactions

  • My child is very shy.  Through this program she was able to spend time with the kindergarten teachers.  She thoroughly enjoyed the program.
  • Good social experience – improvement in social skills since beginning of program.  Good introduction to classroom setting – we’re working on transitions.

Improved Child Pre-Academic Skills in Reading, Math and Other Subjects 

  • This was her night.  No siblings.  She was exposed to a classroom, a teacher, and other children.  She learned socialization and improved some of her academic skills.  She loves to write 5’s now and doesn’t get frustrated.
  • He wants to learn to read now.  His self-confidence is so much better because he had his own important meeting to go to and I had one-on-one time with him.

Greater Awareness and Comfort with School Routines and Expectations 

  • He is becoming familiar with the classroom atmosphere.  It is a great learning experience for him – both mentally and socially.
  • He is getting more prepared to start kindergarten and will know what to expect when he does start school and he won’t be so shy.  He knows what school time is about and how to follow directions.
  • His social skills have improved.  His fine motor skills have improved.  I feel that he is more prepared to start school and he will know what to expect next year.